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intra.sa is no longer being maintained. Information herein may be missing or inaccurate.
This website will be removed in early 2017. All policies and documents linked to intra.sa.gov.au should be made available on the relevant SA Government websites.
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Policies & Procedures
Business Impact Statement: Guidelines for Government
> CRC Participation Guidelines
Energy Efficiency Action Plan
Fleet SA - Customer Information
Government Branding & Cabinet Communications Committee Guidelines
Government ICT Services Policies, Standards and Guidelines
Information Security Management Framework
Implementation of South Australia's Strategic Plan
> Office of Public Employment
Premier & Cabinet Policies & Circulars
Privacy Information
Protective Security Policy
Records Management
State Procurement Board Policies
Treasury and Finance
Water Efficiency

Please note: the above is not a comprehensive list of all policies within the South Australian Public Service.

These documents are available in a couple of formats. Before attempting to access any of these documents for the first time it is advisable to go to the Introduction Page where you will be able to download the table-of-contents plug-in and also the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader onto your machine.